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Prowatch Melbourne Security Business Alarms : The Digital World is upon us!

June 1st, 2016

Have you upgraded your Business Commercial Industrial Alarm Security from Analogue to Digital CCTV Security Yet Melbourne?


The Digital World is upon us so we have to move with the times to make sure our businesses, staff and customers are safe 24/7.


There are a lot of things to be considered when choosing a Business Security system.  

Make Sure you get more than one quote for you new or upgraded security system.

A good Business or Commercial Security Company will do a site survey for your property and discuss your staff and customer individual security needs too.


First Questions to ask when looking to upgrade your Business Security


  1. Does the company quoting your business have a current Security License?
  2. How the alarm system will be connected. Most security companies have a central monitoring       center that will respond when an alarm is triggered.  You do not want the alarm system to be connected to your main phone line, which would likely be cut in an invasion, preventing the alarm from being triggered.
  3. Discuss your best and worst security scenario and make sure your quotes safeguards all your needs.
  4. Costs for first Installing any CCTV alarm systems – Access Control – Time & Attendance – Fingerprint Monitoring – Point Of Sale Integration – for your Business but also the Ongoing Costs that occur throughout the year for changes & maintenance.
  5. Trust the Security Monitoring Company you chose to work with and make sure they keep up with current technologies to keep you safe 24/7 365 days a year.


Benefits of analog security cameras:

  • Lower cost – An analog security system is more affordable and usually is more than sufficient for remote monitoring.
  • Greater flexibility of design – Analog cameras often come in a larger variety of designs such as mini covert cameras to large PTZ models. If you have unique surveillance needs you may find it easier to find the style of camera you need in an analog model.
  • Superior compatibility – It is much easier to mix and match cameras and brands if you use analog versions. This can make it easier if you already have existing camera equipment that you wish to incorporate into your surveillance system.


Disadvantages of analog security cameras:

  • Lacks certain features – Many of the basic analog cameras often lack some of the more advance features such as digital zoom.
  • Potential interference problems – If you are installing a wireless surveillance system, analog systems can have interference problems. More importantly, the resulting signals cannot be encrypted. This can potentially mean that someone else can view the signal.
  • Long distance applications are more difficult – If your surveillance needs encompass a wide area, analog cameras may not be your best choice. Analog cameras generally do not accommodate big distances, and getting them to work over broad ranges can be difficult.


Benefits of IP security cameras:

  • Better wireless reception – IP cameras have encryption built right into them providing for a more secure network. Interference is also not a problem with IP-based models.
  • Can utilize existing wiring – Because IP-based cameras act as their own network device, you can often take advantage of existing network wiring within your home. This can make the installation task much easier.
  • Remote access can be easier – IP cameras are better suited for remote surveillance needs.


Disadvantages of IP security cameras:

  • Higher cost – Because of the additional technology that is built into each camera, the cost is generally higher that analog versions.
  • Higher bandwidth required – IP cameras require more bandwidth than analog cameras.


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