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New Improved Integrated Business Video Alarm Security Systems. Videofied Available Now! – Melbourne. July 19, 2016

Prowatch Security is keeping up with all that is new in our business, to help you protect your business.   Videofied Alarm Systems Verify A Crime Is Happening Right Now!   Once again we are installing the newest alarms systems to protect Melbourne Business, Staff, Products & Property 24/7 365 days a year.   Prowatch […]Read More

Prowatch Security Systems Melbourne is always staying on top of What’s New in the Security Industry June 27, 2016

Prowatch Security Systems Melbourne is always staying on top of What’s New in the Security Industry. We put many hours in searching and training for the best possible security alarm systems that keep your Business Commercial & Industrial property safe 24/7.   One of the latest Hi Tech security alarm monitoring services available now is […]Read More

Prowatch Melbourne Security Business Alarms : The Digital World is upon us! June 1, 2016

Have you upgraded your Business Commercial Industrial Alarm Security from Analogue to Digital CCTV Security Yet Melbourne? The Digital World is upon us so we have to move with the times to make sure our businesses, staff and customers are safe 24/7.   There are a lot of things to be considered when choosing a […]Read More

Melbourne Security Business Alarms Copper Theft All Time High – Sims Metal Dandenong Upgraded Wireless CCTV Alarm Systems. May 11, 2016

Couple of weeks ago we received a call from SIMS Metals in Dandenong Melbourne. A large Scrap Metal Recycling Company.   They were having issues with Copper Theft and couldn’t understand why or how? They needed to update their CCTV Alarm Security for their business property to find a solution. Sims Metals Dandenong – Copper theft was at […]Read More

Installed CCTV Melbourne Security Business Alarms Systems at a New Commercial Business Estate April 17, 2016

This week our team at Prowatch Security installed CCTV Security Alarm Systems at a new Commercial Business Estate in Carrum Downs South East Suburbs Melbourne.     This area in Melbourne has grown quickly in the last few years with large and small businesses taking over much of the area. We have been here before a few times to […]Read More

Important Steps to Take When Choosing Your Security Business Alarms Systems March 2, 2016

There’s no denying that Melbourne is a safe city to live in, but no metropolitan area is immune to illegal activities. A 6 percent rise (www.crimestatistics.vic.gov.au) in criminal activity indicates that the state of Victoria is still a favourable environment for thieves, which means your business needs protection, a 24-hour a day electronic sentinel in […]Read More

Melbourne Business Alarms Systems Commercial Security and Video Surveillance Helps Prevent Business Burglaries February 15, 2016

An expert provider of digital security solutions can never approach a project with prejudice or prejudgment, but we think everyone can agree that some places warrant a greater slice of the security pie than others. Commercial security and video surveillance, for example, protects a domain that isn’t always under your complete control. Strangers come and […]Read More

Important Steps to Consider When Choosing Your Business Alarm System January 29, 2016

Significant investments make your business flourish. This is your livelihood, after all, a hard-earned product of your own personal vision. Protect this investment, but do so with a broad-spectrum perspective. Remember, you’re securing your reputation and your future just as much as you’re protecting any site-located bankroll. Personal Commitment Meets Digital Safeguards You’ve built something […]Read More

Getting The Best Out of Your CCTV Security Alarm Systems For Accuracy January 14, 2016

The age of fuzzy B&W video footage is buried in the past thanks to the introduction of state-of-the-art CCTV security systems. Resolution is sharp, contrast is deep, and focus is always on point, but even the most technologically adept enhancement can fail or be compromised. For example, cameras need to be installed in optimal surveillance […]Read More

Benefits of Retail Business Melbourne Alarm Security Systems December 16, 2015

Unfortunately, the importance of retail business security is sometimes overlooked. In actuality, sometimes the damage of certain instances cannot be undone. However, businesses with security often state that they do not understand how their retail business survived without it. Truthfully, the vast majority of retail businesses benefit from security in numerous ways: Protects against Violence […]Read More